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Server refresh: Sure, your data-center customers know they need it. But it may be like seeing the dentist — something they’d prefer to put off.

So you could probably use some help encouraging customer to make this necessary move soon. Especially with Microsoft ending support for two popular but aging server systems — Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 — very soon.

Now you have it.

Intel is offering two new resources for tech providers and other partners working with customers that urgently need a server refresh. Check them out:

> Partner Training: Winning with 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Processor Platforms in a Competitive Market

This 15-minute course will show you how 20 years of continuous innovation has made Intel Xeon processors the data-center CPU of choice. You’ll learn how Intel can give you a competitive advantage, as well as how you can position solutions for your customers based on their workload requirements.

This training course also includes an overview of Intel's data-center competitors — plus a review of those competitor's claims versus Intel regarding performance, price/performance and architectural comparisons.

Here’s more of what’s covered in the training:

> Accelerating data-center transformation

> Deploying new processors with confidence

> VM portability

> Comparing HPC performance at cluster scale

Take this course, and you’ll be awarded 5 training credits, plus an additional 5 credits for a total of 10. You can apply these credits toward maintaining your Intel Technology Provider membership level.

Also, as part of a new Intel promotion, if you take this course and also purchase a qualifying bundle of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with Intel hardware, you’ll receive an additional 200 points. These points can then be applied to discounts on your future Intel purchases.

Not yet an Intel Technology Provider member? Check out the details here and join the program.

Take the training course here.

> TCO Brief: Modernize IT Infrastructure, Do More with Less

Smart data-center managers know that the purchase price of a server is just the starting point. To truly help their bottom line, what matters is the hardware’s long-term total cost of ownership (TCO).

That’s where servers based on 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Optane DC Solid State Drives come in. They can help your customers:

> Improve TCO by up to 60% — and with fewer servers delivering the same performance

> Speed performance by up to 4X over older servers

> Lower “technical debt” and reduce unplanned downtime

> Improve data security, including compliance with Europe’s GDPR

> Support both expanding workloads and DevOps approaches

> Ease the path to hybrid cloud

To get the whole story, download this short, 2-page TCO brief now.

Need help inspiring customers to refresh their aging servers? Now you have it.


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