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Cloud-based communications to grow next year: survey

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by Peter Krass on 12/20/2016
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

The cloud isn’t only for computing and data. Communications in the cloud is taking off, too. Fast growth is expected in 4 main areas: cloud-based PBX, mobile applications, unified communications (UC) and contact-center services.

To measure this, No Jitter Research recently surveyed 255 enterprise communications pros and released its findings in a report, The State of Cloud Communications. Here’s your solution-provider summary:

Cloud models: Nearly half (49%) of respondents said they’ve adopted a model in which they use communications software that’s owned, operated and maintained by a service provider on its own cloud infrastructure. About a quarter (27%) said they’ve adopted an alternate model, one in which the enterprise owns, operates and maintains its own communications software, but runs that software on a service provider’s cloud-based platform.

Why Cloud Matters: As the following No Jitter chart shows, respondents said the benefits of cloud-based communications were led by improved total cost of ownership (TCO), greater agility, and improved system resiliency and disaster-recovery capabilities:

Why Cloud Matters chart, courtesy of No Jitter

Cloud PBX: More than a quarter (28%) of respondents who use cloud-hosted communications also get PBX/call-control functions from the cloud. That’s up nicely from 20 percent a year earlier. Looking for more growth? Look here: 11 percent of respondents plan to add cloud-based PBX services over the next 12 months.

Mobile Apps: Another growth area. One-third (36%) of respondents said they use video calling, team collaboration and other mobile cloud-communications services. That’s up from 28 percent a year earlier. Looking ahead, 16 percent plan to add cloud-based mobile apps in the next 12 months.

Unified Communications: About a third (34%) of respondents said they use cloud-based UC now. One-fifth (20%) said they plan to add it in the next 12 months.

Customer Service: About a fifth (22%) of respondents said they use a cloud contact center now, up only slightly from 20 percent a year earlier. Things look brighter in the future: 10 percent of respondents plan to bring on a cloud contact center in the next 12 months.

So as you mull over your expansion plans for the new year, consider cloud-based communications.


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