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Clear bottlenecks for datacenter customers – and boost your bottom line — with Intel Optane SSDs

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by Peter Krass on 02/11/2020
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Looking for a win-win storage technology, one that can help your datacenter customers while also boosting your tech provider sales?

Then check out Intel’s Optane SSD storage devices for the datacenter.

For your datacenter customers, Intel Optane SSDs can break the performance/TB bottleneck. And for your business, these innovative storage drives can bring in valuable sales.

To help you, Intel now offers Intel Optane SSD Solution Kits. Included in these kits are Intel Optane SSD customer case studies, solution briefs, how-to implementation guides and much more. They’re designed to help you sell not just parts, but instead real solutions.

Break their bottleneck

For your datacenter customers, data bottlenecks are a real pain. The amount of data your customers have to access, process and store keeps growing. Unfortunately, storage technology hasn’t kept pace. DRAM is too costly. NAND falls short on performance.

Enter the Intel Optane SSD. It’s a storage solution that behaves like system memory. By essentially providing a new storage tier, Intel Optane SSDs can turn your customers’ data bottlenecks into a thing of the past.

Intel Optane SSD

The Intel Optane DC SSDs accelerate applications with fast caching and fast storage. That can increase scale per server while also lowering transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads.

Specifically, Intel Optane SSDs activate datacenter storage in 3 important areas:

> Accelerating: Storing metadata — data about data — gets a boost by adding a “performance storage” layer between the application and “regular” capacity storage for Ceph and other solutions.

> Caching: “Hot” data often needs to be temporarily copied or held, especially for solutions such as Microsoft Azure HCI and Cisco Hyperflex.

> Tiering: This means intelligently storing the hottest data using a predefined policy. It matches storage-performance capabilities with access rates and requirements for solutions including Vast Data.

Real world, real results

All customers like case studies. That’s the main way they discover whether a solution is really ready and able to deliver serious business benefits. So if you’re trying to sell Intel Optane SSDs, tell your customers about these case studies:

> BluePearl Veterinary Partners: This U.S.-wide network of animal hospitals needed to keep a key application available to its clinicians 24x7. The solution: a Cisco HyperFlex All-Flash Hyperconverged system with Intel Optane DC SSDs. That sped application response times by 7x. It also let the IT team run more virtual machines per node, increasing both workload density and system performance.

> Cerner: This Kansas City-based provider of healthcare IT found its virtual datacenter being overwhelmed by data from 150+ U.S. hospitals. To supercharge its vSAN-based infrastructure, Cerner implemented a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution with Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane SSDs. The result: system performance rose, TCO plunged, and customers got faster access to vital data.

> Telefonica: The Spain-based telecom provider’s virtual datacenter had become both inefficient and costly. So the company moved to an HCI solution based around Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel DC SSDs. Now Telefonica’s vSAN-based infrastructure delivers high throughput and low storage latency for critical workloads.

Seal the deal

As a technologist, sales may not be your strongest point. No worries: Intel is here to help. The company now offers sales-support tools and resources that can help you explain the benefits of Intel Optane SSDs to your datacenter customers.

Get started here:

> Experience the Difference: This new Intel website lets you (or your customer) click on a specific solution – including VMware vSAN, Ceph and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI – to see the difference Intel Optane technology makes.

> Intel Select Solutions: This program offers more than a dozen workload-optimized hardware configurations from third parties, all verified and tested by Intel.

> Intel Solutions Marketplace: Designed to change the way businesses collaborate and partner with others to deliver data-centric solutions, this new platform connects tech buyers with literally thousands of partners – and that could include you.

> Intel Solution Kits: Available to all Intel partners, OEMs and resellers, these kits can help you conduct sales conversations with customers at different levels (execs, IT operations, operations, etc.). The materials include solution overviews, solution and business briefs, customer case studies, how-to implementation guides and reference architectures. Over a dozen kits are now available, including kits for Intel Optane persistent memory and Intel Optane SSD.

Faster storage performance for your customers. More business for you. With Intel Optane SSD, that’s a tech provider’s win-win.


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