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Check out Intel’s add-on software for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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by Intel on 07/17/2020
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Do you have customers running IBM Cloud Pak for Data? If so, tell them about Intel’s add-on software packages.

These Intel add-ons can save your customers weeks of time in configuring and tuning software for their workloads. Even better, they’re free.

If you’re new to IBM Cloud Pak for Data, it’s a unified, cloud-native platform that provides users an information architecture for AI. And it runs on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, an open analytics system. (As you may remember, IBM acquired Red Hat last year for $34 billion.)

Also, IBM Cloud Pak for Data supports multicloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and private clouds. Companies use the platform to collect, organize and analyze data, infusing AI throughout their organizations.

Easier deep learning

Now add to this Intel’s Deep Learning Reference Stack. It’s an integrated, high-performance open source stack for platforms based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors. And it gives AI developers easy access to all the features and functions of Intel platforms.

This containerized software stack is easy to install and run. And it could save your customers weeks of times in adjusting and customizing the software.

The Deep Learning Reference Stack works with both TensorFlow, a machine-learning framework for deep learning; and PyTorch, an open source machine-learning library for Python. Both TensorFlow and PyTorch are already optimized for Intel hardware. And both are free with the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform.

4 add-ons

Currently, Intel offers a total of 4 add-ons for IBM Cloud Pak for Data. There are 2 add-ons for the Deep Learning Reference Stack, and 2 add-ons for analytics:

Add-on software for Deep Learning Reference Stack:

> Deep Learning Reference Stack for TensorFlow: To take full advantage of the Intel architecture, and to achieve maximum performance, the TensorFlow framework has been optimized using Intel MKL-DNN primitives.

> Deep Learning Reference Stack for PyTouch: This open source machine-learning library for Python runs significantly faster on an Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based platform than non-optimized versions.

Add-on software for analytics:

> Analytics Zoo for Apache Spark: An open-source distributed deep-learning library for Apache Spark. It helps companies scale AI models for distributed training and inference.

> Intel Distribution for Python: A ready-to-use integrated package that includes prebuilt solutions for data analytics and drop-in replacements for existing code.

Intelligent AI

Intel’s add-ons for IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help your customers customize their AI systems. They also help your customers take advantage of features built into their Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Your AI customers can get faster performance from these free tools. Customers can also save weeks of time.

Now that’s intelligent.

Read more:

> Intel add-on software for IBM Cloud Pak for Data (PDF)


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