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Bring innovation to market faster with Intel-based Solutions

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by Peter Krass on 10/26/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Are you frustrated by an inability to bring innovative data center and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to market as quickly as you’d like? Do you find solutions require skills and expertise you lack? And wouldn’t you like to grow your business?

Intel is here to help. The company offers several solutions-based options to help you bring data-center and IoT innovations to market faster.

No matter where you are in your solution-development journey, Intel offers a solutions initiative that can help solve your business challenges and drive fast outcomes. Here’s your tech provider’s overview of today’s Intel-based Solutions.

Workload-optimized solutions

Intel Select Solutions can speed your time to value with workload-optimized hardware and software solutions that are ISV-certified, OEM-validated and ready to perform.

These are technology “recipes” that have been tested successfully by Intel’s labs. You can use them as reference architectures to optimize standard data-center workloads such as Microsoft SQL and VMware vSAN.

Solutions are currently available for AI, analytics, cloud, high-performance computing (HPC), and network and edge. Their suppliers include OEMs such as Cisco, Lenovo and Supermicro, as well as channel and scale partners including DataON, WWT and SHI.

RFP-ready kits

To help you accelerate your time to market and reduce complexity within the journey to IoT solutions, there are Intel loT RFP Ready Kits.

These are integrated, use-case focused, commercial-grade technology bundles. Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits are commercially-hardened, ready-for-customer solution kits built for scale into customer deployments.

Each kit is available for purchase today. They feature commercial grade components, customizable APIs, a verified distribution pricing model and support.

Intel now offers more than 150 kits. Each kit is aligned with a key industry vertical, including smart cities, industrial automation, retail, transportation and health/life sciences.

Ready-to-deploy solutions

To deliver on the transformative promise of IoT, Intel and its ecosystem of partners offer Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions. These are scalable, commercially available end-to-end solutions.

Currently, more than 300 IoT solutions are available. You’ll find a mix of hardware components, integrated hardware systems, software and services. There are also integrated solutions that combine both hardware and software.

Intel also offers the Data-Centric Solutions Scale program. It’s designed to help you leverage Intel resources, enhance the visibility of your solution and increase your sales.

To be eligible, your datacenter solution must meet 3 simple criteria:

> It’s built on Intel technology

> It’s already commercially deployed

> It’s available to order now

Solutions matchmaking

Intel Solutions Marketplace provides an online catalog to find all the solutions in one place. You can search the Intel Solutions Marketplace partner directory. There, partners are categorized by business type, role, specialty, segment and industry.

Find something you like? A “contact partner” button is offered on partner-card quick views, in partner profiles, and in storefront detail pages.

You can also compare solutions with the “Add to Compare” button on the search-results page. You can compare up to 4 offerings from the same category.

Submit a solution

Have a great solution you’d like to offer other tech providers? Submit your solution for approval to the Intel Partner Alliance. You’ll also gain access to select benefits that include value-add sales and marketing opportunities.

Once your solution is approved, it will be added to the Intel Solutions Marketplace, a global marketplace listing Intel Partner Alliance members and offerings. If eligible, you can also create a storefront where you can post components, software, systems and services offerings.

Intel Partner Alliance

All the programs described above are also part of Intel Partner Alliance. That’s Intel’s unified partner program and is your front door to the Intel partner ecosystem.

Joining Intel Partner Alliance is free. And you’ll gain access to valuable benefits that include Intel technical training, marketing help, valuable rewards and expedited support.

Not yet an Intel Partner Alliance member? Find out what you’re missing and register to join.

Get help bringing innovative solutions to market faster:

> Intel Partner Alliance

> Intel Select Solutions

> Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits

> Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions

> Intel Solutions Marketplace

> Submit Your Solution to Intel Partner Alliance


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