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Become IoT-competent with Intel Competencies

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by Peter Krass on 12/09/2021
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The Internet of Things offers you great new opportunities. But IoT technology is complex, and the skills tech providers need can be hard to acquire.

That’s why Intel Partner University is offering 3 IoT Competencies — 2 of them refreshed and 1 completely new: Selling IoT Solutions, Edge AI Fundamentals, and IoT for Manufacturing.

Selling IoT Solutions Competency badge

Intel Competencies are deep-dive training curriculums. Complete an IoT Competency, and you’ll earn a digital badge you can display on your company website, social media and elsewhere online.

The gains can be substantial “While IoT offers a lot of opportunities, it’s an area that’s new for myself and for many of my clients,” says Srinivasan Manivannan, president and CEO of Starmétier Corp., a provider of business solutions.

“With the Selling IoT Solutions Competency, I went from not knowing much about IoT to being able to talk knowledgably and making insightful, practical recommendations,” he adds. “Now I can address my clients’ fears and show them how an IoT solution can give them a competitive advantage.”

Big, fast-growing market

As you probably know, the IoT market is big and growing fast. Last year, IoT worldwide sales topped $760 billion, according to market watcher Mordor Intelligence. Looking ahead, Mordor expects IoT sales to grow by 10.5% a year through 2026, bringing worldwide sales that year to nearly $1.4 trillion.

One important source of opportunity: Many IoT users are still in the early stages of implementation. That means they’re not yet locked in with suppliers.

In a recent survey of more than 2,100 digital leaders, conducted by talent firm Harvey Nash Group, only 10% of respondents report having large IoT installations. By contrast, twice as many respondents (21%) run small IoT implementations.

The Nash survey also found that only 14% of digital leaders are actively piloting IoT. And nearly 1 in 5 are still only considering IoT technology.

To serve this potentially lucrative market, you’ll need skills — no fewer than 10, according to online trainer Verzeo. It says IoT engineers need to master skills including AI and machine learning AI, Javascript and Python programming, an understanding of how sensors work, and some familiarity with the cloud. That’s a pretty high bar.

3 IoT Competencies

If you’d like to tap the IoT market, but lack the necessary skills, Intel is here to help. These  3 IoT Competencies are now available on Intel Partner University, a training site that’s available to all Intel Partner Alliance members:

> Selling IoT Solutions: This recently refreshed Intel Competency comprises 4 courses that provide a broad overview of IoT, explain each of its main components, describe how it works, and recommends what to consider when designing an IoT Solution. You’ll also learn about IoT market opportunities, key ecosystem roles and how they participate, and Intel's approach to selling and recommending IoT solutions.

> Edge AI Fundamentals: Recently relaunched as a technical competency, this curriculum offers 5 courses. They cover Intel's Edge Inference products for delivering high performance, fast responsiveness, and deep learning at data centers and the edge for a wide range of AI-based vertical applications. You’ll dive into the technical aspects, too. That includes the OpenVINO Toolkit, Intel Movidius Visual Processing Unit, model optimizers, inference engines and Intel DevCloud.

> IoT for Manufacturing: This recently launched Competency includes 8 courses. They cover 12 key strategies for developing an IoT vision and driving it to scale. Other topics include driving business value, impacts of Covid-19, and manufacturing’s “next normal.”

Check out Intel Partner University. It’s available to all Intel Partner Alliance members. Not yet an Alliance member? Register or activate your membership now.


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