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5 top takeaways from Intel Architecture Day 2021

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by Peter Krass on 08/19/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Intel is holding its Architecture Day today. Already, Intel has detailed architectural innovations the company says will be needed to meet the coming demand for ubiquitous computing, pervasive connectivity, AI and cloud-to-edge infrastructure.

Here are your top 5 takeaways from Intel Architecture Day 2021:

1. Alder Lake: That’s the code name for Intel’s next-gen client system-on-chip architecture. It will integrate 2 core types: performance and efficient. Alder Lake will be built on the new Intel 7 process, and it will feature 2 new generations of x86 cores and a workload scheduler called Intelligent Intel Thread Director.

2. Sapphire Rapids: Another code name, this one is for the next generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors for data center servers. It’s also based on the new Intel 7 process. Included will be built-in acceleration engines, including Advanced Matrix Extensions and Data Streaming Accelerator.

3. New networking architecture: Code-named Mount Evans, this is Intel’s first ASIC infrastructure processing unit (IPU). Intel says the IPU, a programmable networking device, will help cloud service providers (CSPs) reduce overhead and free up performance for CPUs. To develop Mount Evans, Intel worked with a top CSP.  

4. Ponte Vecchio: That may be Italian for old bridge, but this code name refers to Intel’s new system-on-chip for servers based on its Xe HPC architecture for high-performance computing and AI. More technically, it’s a collection of 47 chips that Intel calls “tiles.” To make Ponte Vecchio work, Intel had to develop new software, interconnects, packaging tech and more.

5. Xe-HPG: This is Intel’s new client-side graphics microarchitecture intended for gamers and content creators. Products based on this microarchitecture are set to come to market in next year’s first quarter under the IntelArc brand and Alchemist family of system-on-chips.

Learn more: Download the Intel Architecture Day fact sheet by clicking the PDF link below:

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