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4 reasons to check out the latest Intel DCM updates

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by Peter Krass on 08/19/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

If your data-center customers aren’t yet using Intel Data Center Manager, they now have 4 great new reasons to get on board.

Intel DCM is included as part of the advanced system management key on Intel Server Platforms. It’s designed for out-of-band monitoring and management of the inventory, health, utilization, power and thermals of servers and other data-center devices.

Intel DCM

Intel DCM: one powerful eyeful

The most recent updates — Intel DCM 3.9 and 4.0 — deliver a long list of new and improved features. These 4 in particular should get your customers’ attention:

> Support for Intel’s 2 recently announced server families

Intel DCM has been tested and debugged on Intel’s latest servers: the Intel Server System M50CYP family, designed for mainstream workloads; and the Intel Server System D50TNP family, intended for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI applications.

If your customers are thinking of purchasing servers from either of these new Intel families, tell them they can now manage those devices with Intel DCM.

> Redfish firmware update

Intel DCM now supports the server industry’s move from the legacy IPMI (intelligent platform management interface) specification to the DMTF’s Redfish standard. The main advantages of Redfish are greater security and reliability, more comprehensive schemas, and less need to reboot servers.

Redfish logo

Essentially, Intel DCM uses Redfish as a back-end API to BMC (baseboard management controller). Among other benefits, this means there’s no need to touch the host while managing the server. This also provides true out-of-band management, allowing you to monitor even when a host network is down or a server is either switched off or in sleep mode.

> Firmware-version management

It makes sense for data-center managers to want to keep their servers updated with the latest firmware. After all, those firmware updates provide security patches, address quality issues and offer new features.

However, knowing which firmware version a specific server is running isn’t easy. And when you’re managing tens or even hundreds of servers, this lack of visibility can become a major issue.

Intel DCM can help. It can now inventory and display the firmware versions for most components in a system in a single easy-to-view tab.

Intel DCM can also notify your customers when a new firmware version is available. It does this by communicating online with a new website that tracks server tools firmware.

> Batch provisioning for 'bare metal' servers

This feature first lets admins build a deployment manifest or profile covering important tasks. These may include updating firmware, configuring the BIOS and RAID, and kicking-off an OS install.

Intel DCM then executes all the tasks on multiple systems. This ensures all “like” servers are deployed consistently and are ready to be added to the cluster.

When your customer adds a "bare metal" server — one without an OS or the latest BIOS — their technicians need only rack and stack. Intel DCM can do the rest, completing the deployment remotely.

Learn more about Intel DCM.


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