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3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors + AI = a powerful pair

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by Peter Krass on 05/25/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

If you still think artificial intelligence is a specialized niche application for scientists, it’s time to update your thinking.

The new reality is that AI is “becoming ubiquitous across all functional areas of a business,” says Rity Jyoti, head of AI research at market watcher IDC.

As Jyoti explains, AI is no longer just a high-end tool for scientists. It’s now used to power a wide range of important business applications, including IT process optimization, predictions and recommendations, and improving the customer and employee experience.

All that leads IDC to predict that the worldwide market for AI software, hardware and services will top $327 billion this year, a year-on-year rise of 16%. Looking ahead, the growth is expected to continue. IDC’s expects global AI sales will top $500 billion by 2024.

Optimized for AI

No surprise, then, that Intel’s general-purpose processors for data-center servers are optimized for AI. The latest 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer built-in AI acceleration, and they’re built to work with the most popular AI frameworks.

What’s more, the 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors are the only data-center CPUs with these AI accelerations, hardware-enhanced security and software optimizations built into the silicon.

Powered by the open oneAPI standard, 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors make it easier and faster for your customers to build and deploy smarter models. This API-CPU combo can also simplify how your customers move from AI proof-of-concepts to full production.

With these new processors, your customers can choose from a broad selection of pre-integrated and verified enterprise solutions for data analytics and AI. That includes both enterprise databases and a broad range of applications.

Real-world intelligence

Don’t just take my word for it. Consider just 3 of the many real-world users now powering mainstream business applications with AI on Intel Xeon Scalable-based servers:

> Burger King: The home of the Whopper uses AI deep learning to create a fast-food recommender system aimed at improving both the customer experience and sales. The system correlates what customers order with the weather, time and location.

This recommender system integrates data processing with Apache Spark, an open-source analytics engine, with training via distributed MXNet, an open-source deep learning framework, all on a single Intel Xeon processor cluster.

> SK Telecom: South Korea’s largest mobile operator worked with Intel to build an end-to-end AI pipeline to analyze data from more than 400,000 cell towers. This pipeline now includes Spark; Analytics Zoo, Intel’s unified analytics and AI platform; and TensorFlow, a math software library. It runs on a server cluster based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 and Intel Deep Learning Boost.

> HYHY: Huiyi Huiying Medical Technology, a Chinese company that develops computer-vision and deep-learning tech, has created a medical-imaging system to help healthcare practitioners diagnose dozens of diseases, including COVID-19.

The system runs on Intel technology, including servers powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Intel Deep Learning Boost; Intel’s distribution of the OpenVino toolkit, designed for developing applications that use computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition and more; and Intel’s distribution of the Python programming language.

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