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Four eras of Ethernet
Ethernet for the masses: Are you ready for the fourth era?

It’s been 50 years since a hand-written, back-of-the-napkin drawing would lead to the Ethernet. And it’s been 40 years since the introduction of the first Ethernet standard brought to you by Intel,...

Intel Optane Persistent Memory
Turn on tiered memory with Intel Optane PMem

Would your data-center customers like faster memory at lower cost? Then tell them about tiered memory. Tiering has for years helped customers optimize their storage. Now tiering is evolving with new...

Edge computing
Tech Explainer: What is edge computing?

Edge computing is like a modern car engine: It’s something many people use every day, but hardly anyone understands. One good definition comes from Alex Reznik of the ETSI standards organization. He...

Cloud growth program
Power up your cloud business with Intel, AWS and TD SYNNEX

For small and midsize tech providers, competing in the cloud isn’t easy. But now you can get valuable cloud-business help from some of the industry’s giants — Intel, AWS and TD SYNNEX — all at no...

Ethernet cables
Tech Explainer: How Ethernet has stayed relevant for 50 years

Welcome to the 50th year of Ethernet. That’s right, we’ve been sending packets over cables between devices for half a century now. Along the way, Ethernet has enabled a technological revolution. Its...

Boeing altimeter
Tech Explainer: 5G and the airlines

Own a 5G smartphone? Plan to fly soon? If so, you could be affected by the dispute between 5G cell service and air travel. When it comes to 5G vs. aircraft, the most likely scenario is mainly a...

AI adviser
Become an AI trusted adviser — with help from Intel

Can tech providers become trusted advisers on an advanced, complicated technology such as artificial intelligence? Yes, and here’s why: If your customers are using the right processors, AI is just...