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Data center pros
Polish your data center skills with Intel Partner University

Are you keeping your data center skills relevant and up to date? Now’s a good time to do this. And Intel Partner University is a great place to do it. If you’re new to Intel Partner University, it’s...

Working from home
The 5 hottest tech trends of 2020 (so far)

In a year that’s been like no other, the tech world has been tested like never before. Given a global pandemic, horrible floods and wildfires, and some serious political turmoil, the industry’s...

Research roundup
Research roundup: Data to cloud, holiday shopping online, robocalls drop, CISOs complain

Databases are moving to the cloud. Consumers are moving online. Robocalls are fading. And CISOs are complaining. That’s some of the latest tech research. And here’s your tech provider’s roundup: Data...

VDI user
Boost VDI with a winning combo: VMware + Intel Optane PMem

For today’s virtual desktops, there’s a new winning combination: VMware plus Intel Optane persistent memory (PMem). By adding Intel Optane PMem to your VMware VDI setup, you and your customers can...

Why companies are flocking to the cloud
Why companies are flocking to the cloud

Every cloud has a silver lining. For businesses coping with the pandemic lockdown, that silver lining is, well, the cloud. Cloud-based services have become essential for businesses coping with, and...

Intel 800 Series Ethernet Adapter
Move data faster with Intel’s newest Ethernet adapter

To keep up with the huge increase in data-center network traffic, you’ve simply got to move the data faster. Over the last 4 years, global data-centric network traffic has grown on average by 25% a...

Public cloud spending
Research roundup: AI gets pervasive, social-media censorship, cloud services took off

A majority of executives say AI will transform their industry. Many Americans believe social-media sites practice censorship. And public-cloud services spending shows no sign of slowing. That’s the...