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Scale IT Up configuration
Unleash network & storage I/O across the network with Intel tech

“An Intel Xeon Scalable processor is a terrible thing to waste.” So says Intel Ethernet tech sales specialist Gary Gumanow. What Gary means is this: Delivering serious performance gains on your...

3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor
Get smarter, faster with AI accelerators in Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Chances are good your data-center customers are getting involved with AI. It’s a big, fast-growing market. Last year AI sales worldwide topped $93 billion, according to Grand View Research. Looking...

Intel Partner Solution Pro badge
Business transformation with SAP software: Get trained with new Intel Partner University Competency

If your customers include midsize to large organizations, you know how much demand there is for SAP skills. Now, with help from Intel and SAP, you can gain them. SAP is where the money is. The...

Intel Partner Alliance
New Intel Partner Alliance webinars: Extend sales reach with Social Selling, level up your XaaS offerings

This month, Intel Partner Alliance is offering you 2 compelling webinars. The first will show you how to increase your sales reach with Social Selling. The second will give you examples for improving...

Intel IPU
Behold the IPU, a new processor for offloading server infrastructure

There’s a new processing unit in town. You already know the CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics). Now get to know the IPU – that’s I for infrastructure. An IPU is a programmable...

Aurora supercomputer
Tech Explainer: What’s the Aurora supercomputer all about?

Have you ever seen a $500 million supercomputer? Few people have. But these computing behemoths—there are currently around 500 of them worldwide—work every day to make our lives better. The newest...

Intel 400G optical transceiver
Silicon photonics: Meet Intel’s new products & distribution options

If you have customers interested in optical transceivers, Intel has big news for you. The company recently broadened its range of products based on silicon photonics. Intel has also improved the...