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Intel Silicon Photonics optical transceiver
How silicon photonics connects servers at the speed of light

For data-center managers, data bottlenecks are a big and fast-growing problem. Among large organizations, data traffic can double every 2 years. That kind of growth can put real strain on a data...

Intel Optane PMem
Make digital transformation happen with the persistent memory

Your customers’ digital transformation projects not only generate a great deal of data, they also produce new data types. That’s for workloads such as AI and machine learning, real-time analytics and...

Jason Kimrey of Intel
7 new trends for ‘extreme partnerships’ — and how to adapt to them now

By Jason Kimrey One side effect of accelerating the digital economy is significantly impacting the way companies do business: It’s bringing more people and companies together. At last month’s Intel...

Intel Server System D50TNP
Meet new servers supporting 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs for mainstream workloads, HPC and AI

Intel’s two new server families are now available: The Intel Server System M50CYP family for mainstream workloads, and the Intel Server System D50TNP family for high-performance computing (HPC) and...

Intel Partner University
Scaling up your skills with Intel Partner University Competencies

Are you ready for the recovery? Right now is a great time to invest in that future by gaining knowledge, insights and capabilities. And one place you can do all that is Intel Partner University. What...

Work from home
Research roundup: return-to-office resistance, WFH cyber worries, CISO insecurity

Workers don’t want to go back to the office. Cybersecurity pros don’t like WFH. And CISOs don’t feel secure about containers, DevOps and other advanced approaches. That’s some of the latest, greatest...

Intel Partner Alliance
5 top benefits of Intel Partner Alliance

If you’re an Intel partner, then Intel Partner Alliance is your new and streamlined platform. Launched earlier this year, IPA has been designed to help Intel partners like you get the most benefit...