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Which technologies and business trends will your clients clamor for this year? Accenture and CSC believe they know.

Both Accenture and CSC offer wide ranges of consulting and technology services, and both recently issued their top tech predictions for 2017. Here’s your solution provider’s update.

Accenture’s 5 Tech Trends

Accenture’s report, issued today, presents the company’s predictions of the most significant technology trends for the next 3 years. Accenture has identified 5 emerging trends it believes are essential to business success:

> AI is the new UI: Artificial intelligence will move beyond back-end tools, Accenture predicts, to take on more sophisticated roles within tech interfaces. For example, consider the computer-vision system for an autonomous auto. And fully 85 percent of executives Accenture has surveyed plan to invest extensively in AI over the next 3 years.  

> Ecosystems as Macrocosms: Core business functions — from customer service to machine maintenance — now not only include, but also heavily rely on a complex network of digital partners, reaching far beyond the walls of a single organization.

> Workforce marketplace: IT is changing the way companies are designed, built and run, Accenture says. As part of this change, businesses are transforming both their organizational models and the way they manage their people to take advantage of an increasingly digital and on-demand workforce.

> Design for humans: Today, humans adapt to tech. But soon, Accenture predicts, it will be technology that adapts to humans. This should expand opportunities for personalization, redefining relationships with employees, and harnessing the power of partnerships.

> The Unchartered: Businesses use tech to create not only new products and services, but also entirely new digital businesses. A good example is Netflix, which started as a DVD-rental company, but has now become a major producer of streaming content, competing with the likes of HBO. Where will your clients be headed?

CSC’s Half-Dozen

CSC, meanwhile, has identified its top 6 technology trends for 2017. The company’s CTO, Dan Hushon, says these trends will make business a whole lot more interesting this year.

> Reconfiguring the enterprise: Many companies have adopted the latest technologies, including cloud, software-defined networks and analytics. Now comes the hard part: rethinking how they operate. For example, can big companies use advanced technologies to give employees the small-team agility to innovate?

> Intelligent machines: Artificial intelligence is coming to nearly every workplace, CSC believes. That will include the boardroom, the factory floor, physician offices — anywhere that AI can improve outcomes, innovation and productivity.

> IoT & industrial internet: CSC predicts that every manufacturer and service firm will have an Internet of Things strategy by year’s end. Why? Because IoT data is that valuable to the supply chain, service levels, the customer experience and partnerships.

> The Sinosphere: Together, 4 East Asian countries — Vietnam, China, Japan and South Korea — are poised to compete with Silicon Valley. Making this possible are 2 new trends. One, the region is investing heavily in math, science and computer education. And two, the local culture is changing to accept more risk.

> Cloud: As cloud technology gets even simpler, adoption will increase, CSC predicts. Already, the company says, many executives plan to move as much as 80 percent of their operations to the cloud by 2020. Also on the agenda: “cloud diversity.” That’s CSC’s term for using multiple cloud providers, even competitors, to run different parts of the business.

> VR/AR: Virtual and augmented reality are the “next wave of the digital interface,” CSC predicts. These technologies will show up in pilot projects designed to help workers in a wide range of industries, including travel, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

How about you? Which new technologies do you expect your clients to adopt in the coming year? We welcome your comments!


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