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Give greater mobile connectivity this holiday season

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Public-cloud adopters still need your help: survey

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Why your customers’ next PC might be a Chromebook

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Chromebooks are fine for K-12 kids. But do they make sense for business?

Increasingly, yes.

Google has this month started advertising Chromebooks on prime-time TV. The campaign features the slogan, “If you’ve changed the way you do pretty much anything, You Chromebook.” The ad shows people watching TV, working out in the gym, etc. — the idea being that whatever you do, you can do it on a Chromebook.

That includes working.

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Coming soon: the autonomous AI-driven data center

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How much would your customers like an autonomous data center, one in which over 85% of issues get resolved automatically — even before they know there’s been a problem?

That’s what Hewlett Packard Enterprise is promising with its new cloud-based AI platform, HPE InfoSight. InfoSight is an AI recommendation engine for the data center that uses machine learning to predict and prevent problems.

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Help customers move off HDD with new Intel SSD drives

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Intel’s new SSDs could have your customers rethinking their data-center architectures in a big way.

These solid-state drives offer a brand-new form factor for the first time in years. They also pack updated non-volatile memory and a SATA solution for legacy hardware. Get ready for a whole new ballgame.

SATA, introduced back in 2000, quickly became the gold standard for computer bus interfacing. Though the world is now moving on to newer solutions — especially the PCIe/NVMe protocol — many data centers still rely on this turn-of-the-century mainstay.

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Send one of your clients to CES 2018 like a VIP

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Research roundup: wearables, jobs, software, robotics

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What’s going on with wearables, enterprise software, commercial robots and automated services? Here’s your tech provider’s summary of some of the latest market research and surveys.

Wearable bands

The worldwide wearable band market has become a 3-way race among Apple, Xiaomi and Fitbit. And in the third quarter of this year, it was a race won by Apple, according to a new report from market watcher Canalys.

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Intel doubles Optane SSD capacity — and adds manufacturing capacity

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There’s big news on the Intel Optane front. The company has doubled the capacity of a solid state drive for the data center that uses Optane technology. And it has just opened a new fabrication plant to manufacture a key Optane component.

Optane is Intel’s innovative technology for decreasing latency and accelerating systems for workloads that demand large capacity and fast storage. Optane does all that by combining 3D XPoint memory media, Intel memory and controllers, and Interconnect IP and software.

Capacity gains

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Smart ways to win the war against ransomware

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Ransomware attacks have dominated the news this year, particularly the Petya and WannaCry attacks of a few months ago.

As tech providers who serve the SMB market, your customers are particularly at risk, as we’ve documented here on Tech Provider Zone time and again.

The problems are obvious: Valuable data is at risk, and it can cost thousands of dollars to get it back.

Fight back

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The SMB tech market: hot — and getting hotter


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