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Hyundai sel-driving cars
IoT roundup: Asia-Pacific, SAP, Kelley survey, coolest new products

The Internet of Things is really taking off. Just last week, we reported on a new survey of IT decision-makers, conducted by research firm IDC, which found 55 percent calling IoT “strategic” and 21...

With IoT zooming from concept to reality, what’s in it for you? A lot

If you’re a solutions provider who’s been sitting on the sidelines with the Internet of Things (IoT), now might be a good time to get in the game. A new survey finds IoT is a lot more than just an...

Intel NUC -- Skull Canyon
Intel’s NUC, Compute Stick offering true desktop replacements

The mini-PC market is heating up as customers clamor for low-cost, high-performance solutions. Previous versions of Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Computing) and Compute Stick were good proofs of concept...