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AI brain
Video highlight: Getting started with AI? Get a partner

Artificial intelligence has moved way beyond science fiction. It’s a real business. Last year, global sales of AI products and services came to $37.5 billion. Want a piece of that? Welcome aboard....

Research roundup: COVID-19 edition
Research roundup: check out the latest COVID-19 impacts

How’s the coronavirus pandemic affecting the tech world? Here’s your research roundup of the latest forecasts and findings. Overall IT spending: ouch There’s no nice way to say this: Gartner predicts...

Intel Partner Connect virtual event
Video highlight: Join Intel Partner Connect virtual event this week

This year’s Intel Partner Connect is moving online. You’re invited to join this virtual event from wherever you’re now working. The Americas edition of Intel Partner Connect 2020 will be held this...

CRN Women of the Channel 2020
How women are influencing the channel

CRN just unveiled its 2020 Women of the Channel Awards, and 2020 Power 100, which include a number of Intel’s own. These women are making big impact on the channel and playing an important role in...

Intel Optane SSD drive
Sluggish AI? Speed it up with Intel Optane SSD

Artificial intelligence: extremely cool, but also extremely complex. All that complexity can really slow things down — not what you or your customers want. Fortunately, Intel has come up with an...

AI with Intel
AI: keep it simple — and fast — with help from Intel

Looking to get into artificial intelligence, either to help your customers or beef up your own business? You’re in good company. Last year, worldwide sales of AI products and services totaled some $...

IDC - IT services forecast
Research roundup: How the pandemic will likely affect demand for PCs, 5G, WFH, services, gaming

With the world working to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT market will need to work hard too. Demand for PCs could fall, as could demand for IT services. 5G expansion plans will likely slow....