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WakeCap AR app for construction
3 areas where augmented reality is getting real

Augmented reality (AR) has grown up and gotten a real job. No longer just the domain of Pokéman hunters, AR is now a bona fide enterprise tool with revenue to capture and room to grow. Is now the...

Intel Neural Compute Stick 2
Develop computer vision & AI prototypes with Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

Q: What’s under 3 inches long … plugs like a thumb drive into the USB port of a Windows 10, Ubuntu/CentOS Linux or MacOS computer … includes the OpenVINO toolkit … makes it easy to develop computer-...

Smart-home device users
Research roundup: cloud robotics, smart-home devices, how we work now

Mobile robots are coming, and they’ll need the cloud. Smart-home device shipments are poised for growth. And 7 in 10 people are now working from home full-time. That’s some of the latest research and...

Insight Tech Talk: The Future of Work
Video: An expert interview about the future of work

In the next decade, 80% of all jobs will be transformed by automation, predicts Forrester. But how? That’s the subject of a new video interview between Amy Protexter, senior VP of marketing at...

Intel Partner University competency badge
Get ahead of the curve with Intel Partner University Competencies

Are you ready for the recovery? Right now is a great time to invest in that future by gaining knowledge, insights and capabilities. And one place you can do all that is Intel Partner University. What...

Cybersecurity trends
3 hot trends in cybersecurity: spending, vendors and hardware

There’s a slowdown coming in cybersecurity spending. Cisco rules the cybersec roost. And embedded hardware security is coming to edge devices. These are the latest cybersecurity trends according to...

AI brain
Video highlight: Getting started with AI? Get a partner

Artificial intelligence has moved way beyond science fiction. It’s a real business. Last year, global sales of AI products and services came to $37.5 billion. Want a piece of that? Welcome aboard....