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Security professional
8 cybersecurity predictions from Gartner to help you stay safe

It’s a risky world out there. To help you and your customers build your security strategies, the market researchers at Gartner recently made 8 cybersec predictions. Unless noted otherwise, all are...

Navigating the Metaverse
7 new tech books for your summer reading

Summer’s here, and for tech providers, the readin’ is easy. Here are 7 technology books, all recently released, that you can enjoy while basking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just...

McKinsey metaverse
Research Roundup: Metaverse edition

The metaverse is coming—or is it? Are plans for a virtual world where you can conduct meetings, get trained and more the tech world’s great hope, or just more hype? Skeptics, beware. According to the...

The Future is Open video podcast
Video podcast: The future of software is open

Nobody likes vendor lock-in. That’s true with any technology, whether a humble PC or advanced AI system. What’s the alternative? Openness. Open standards. Shared APIs. Industrywide innovation. That’s...

Intel Partner Alliance webinars
Intel Partner Alliance webinars: Discover IPA benefits, stack your security

This month, Intel Partner Alliance is offering 2 webinars you won’t want to miss. The first will help you get more from your IPA membership. And in the second, you’ll learn how the Intel security...

Cybersecurity server
Research Roundup: Get the latest on DDoS, ransomware and privacy

The big RSA Conference for cybersecurity professionals kicks off next week in San Francisco. But as the latest IT research shows, the need for robust security is year-round. Here’s your tech provider...

Intel Vision 2022
Intel Vision: Plan to attend — either in person or online

Mark your calendar for May 10 and 11. Those are the dates for Intel Vision, a live and online event dedicated to the future of business and technology. It’s designed for business managers, tech...