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Insight Tech Talk: The Future of Work
Video: An expert interview about the future of work

In the next decade, 80% of all jobs will be transformed by automation, predicts Forrester. But how? That’s the subject of a new video interview between Amy Protexter, senior VP of marketing at...

Intel Partner University competency badge
Get ahead of the curve with Intel Partner University Competencies

Are you ready for the recovery? Right now is a great time to invest in that future by gaining knowledge, insights and capabilities. And one place you can do all that is Intel Partner University. What...

Cybersecurity trends
3 hot trends in cybersecurity: spending, vendors and hardware

There’s a slowdown coming in cybersecurity spending. Cisco rules the cybersec roost. And embedded hardware security is coming to edge devices. These are the latest cybersecurity trends according to...

AI brain
Video highlight: Getting started with AI? Get a partner

Artificial intelligence has moved way beyond science fiction. It’s a real business. Last year, global sales of AI products and services came to $37.5 billion. Want a piece of that? Welcome aboard....

Research roundup: COVID-19 edition
Research roundup: check out the latest COVID-19 impacts

How’s the coronavirus pandemic affecting the tech world? Here’s your research roundup of the latest forecasts and findings. Overall IT spending: ouch There’s no nice way to say this: Gartner predicts...

Intel Partner Connect virtual event
Video highlight: Join Intel Partner Connect virtual event this week

This year’s Intel Partner Connect is moving online. You’re invited to join this virtual event from wherever you’re now working. The Americas edition of Intel Partner Connect 2020 will be held this...

CRN Women of the Channel 2020
How women are influencing the channel

CRN just unveiled its 2020 Women of the Channel Awards, and 2020 Power 100, which include a number of Intel’s own. These women are making big impact on the channel and playing an important role in...