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Video podcast: The future of software is open

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by Peter Krass on 06/13/2022
Blog Category: advanced-technologies

Nobody likes vendor lock-in. That’s true with any technology, whether a humble PC or advanced AI system.

What’s the alternative? Openness. Open standards. Shared APIs. Industrywide innovation.

That’s the topic discussed in the latest “Pardon the Integration” video podcast.

Entitled “The Future is Open,” this video features a conversation between Jason Kimrey, VP of U.S. channel and partner programs at Intel, and Ed Hannan, senior digital content manager at The Channel Co.

In this new video podcast, Jason and Ed discuss 3 top trends for Intel partners:

> Big in software: Sure, Intel is a hardware company, but you might be surprised to learn how big Intel is in software, too. Hint: The company employs over 17,000 software developers.

> Open vision: An open ecosystem is the best way to foster innovation across the industry. To foster this openness, Intel is taking concrete steps—and investing—in manufacturing, foundry services and the semiconductor supply chain.

> Change is here: Today, no one wants to be locked into a single vendor’s ecosystem. To help partners avoid this, Intel is supporting and even driving open standards. “We’re going to build on our rich legacy of driving open standards as an option,” Jason says, “and just continue to push that forward.”

Watch the full video podcast (approx. 12 mins.) now:


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