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Today is Cyber Monday. How many marketing emails have you already ignored?

If you answered “Too many,” you’re not alone. Personalized email marketing has hit a serious roadblock.

“Consumers,” says Gartner market analyst Charles Golvin, “have developed an increasingly jaundiced eye toward marketers’ efforts to embrace them.”

Part of the problem is increasingly cluttered email inboxes and mobile-phone notifications. That’s leading consumers to ignore even the most carefully personalized and contextualized message, Golvin adds.

All this leads Gartner to predict that by 2025, fully 80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will abandon those efforts.

The reason? Too little or even no return on investment (ROI).

Marketing predictions

Gartner has other predictions for online marketing, too. Here are a few:

> By 2022, one in four marketing departments will have a full-time, dedicated behavioral scientist or ethnographer on staff.

> By 2023, the average budget allocation for influencer marketing will drop by a third. Why? Because consumers will continue to lose trust in brands they don’t know.

> By 2024, AI will be able to identify consumers’ emotions, influencing more than half of all online ads.

Tips for improvement

So if you engage in marketing, what can you do about this fast-changing situation? Gartner has a few tips for that, too:

> Leverage a pilot or proof-of-concept with a vendor before investing in a personalization tool.

> Create a personalization roadmap that reflects your strategy, use cases and consent management.

> Collaborate across functions to align personalization projects. Expand beyond the marketing group for greater insights and ROI.

That’s a marketing message no tech provider should ignore.


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