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The year is winding down, making this a good time for tech providers to review their business over the past year and think of what they want to accomplish in the coming year.


We asked a couple of your fellow tech providers about the past year — and what they’re looking forward to in 2018:


Kurt Nordquist, director of business development, Netsync Network Solutions in Houston, Texas


Steven Vetter, LabVIEW consultant, Computer Solutions LLC in Eagan, Minn.


Here’s some of what they told us.


New year, new goals


Nordquist said his No. 1 goal for 2018 is to expand into California and Florida for both state and local government and education (SLED) and commercial business.


Vetter took the more practical approach of saying he’d like to get back out of debt.


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How did you do this year?


Both had impressive accomplishments in 2017.


Vetter says his company was accepted for its largest project ever, including an order for two more systems from that client.


Nordquist said his company posted record revenues of $220 million and acquired Dallas-based Netera.


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Any regrets?


Regrets…they’ve had a few. Nordquist said the oil and gas vertical hasn’t opened up spending as much as his company would like.


Vetter said he regrets not making more sales calls.


We wish our customers…


Vetter said his biggest wish for his customers as they head into 2018 is that they would take advantage of his company’s extended warranty plan.


Nordquist hopes they will adopt new solutions around cloud and managed services.


What can your vendors do for you?


Nordquist said that he would like vendors to “understand our business and bring new solutions that build on what we’re already good at doing instead of trying to push a wrong OEM or solution into a space we don’t play in.”


Vetter said that vendors could do a better job of serving him if they would “get me to the right person much more efficiently when I call for support.”


How could you do more for your customers?


“I’m happy to say we do such a great job of this already, I really can’t see a way to improve it,” said Vetter.


Nordquist was more modest: “Going wider and deeper into those accounts with complementary solutions,” he said, “instead of hitting on only a couple of technologies.”



How about you? What are your thoughts on how you’ve done the past 12 months? And what’s your outlook for the year ahead? Shoot me an email. And Happy Holidays!


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