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Research roundup: CTOs, CIOs, job hopping and phones

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by Peter Krass on 10/21/2022
Blog Category: advanced-technologies

CTOs are taking on cybersecurity. CIOs are looking at weak budget increases. IT pros are hopping jobs. And phones are the favored communication device of business managers.

That’s some of the latest, greatest tech research. And here’s your tech provider’s roundup.

What do CTOs want?

A good question, and to answer it, computer maker Lenovo recently surveyed 500 chief technology officers at midsize and large organizations worldwide. The survey’s findings were released earlier this week at the company’s Tech World event. They include:

> Cybersecurity is the No. 1 top challenge for CTOs in the U.S. (63%), Brazil (61%) and India (71%).

> More than 8 in 10 CTOs (84%) are optimistic about the future of hybrid cloud.

> More than 8 in 10 (82%) also say third-party vendors are important for solving challenges related to the IT architecture.

> Most important IT elements? They include smart devices (cited by 76%), smart IoT (70%) and scenario-based solutions (76%).

What do CIOs want?

Another good question, this one answered by researchers at Gartner. They surveyed more than 2,000 chief information officers working in 81 countries and all major industries, and released the findings this week at its IT Symposium/Xpo 2022.

Some key findings:

> CIOs expect their IT budgets to rise on average by 5.1% next year. That will probably be less than the rate of inflation.

> CIOs’ top 2 objectives for the coming year are improved operational excellence (cited by 53% of respondents) and a better user experience (45%). Only about a quarter (27%) cited increased revenue, while even fewer (22%) said greater cost efficiency.

> CIOs say their top areas for increased investment in 2023 are cybersecurity (cited by 66%), business intelligence and data analytics (55%) and cloud platforms (50%). Surprisingly, hot AI technology is a top investment area for only about a third of CIOs (32%).

> What’s especially challenging? Developing a vision for digital change, cited by an overwhelming 95% of CIOs surveyed.

> While the talent shortage is real, only 12% of CIOs use students via internships, and only 23% use gig workers.

Job hoppers

Speaking of the talent issue, another new survey finds more than half of all IT professionals (53%) are likely to look for a new job in the next year.

The survey was conducted by Skillsoft, a learning-platform supplier, and it reached nearly 8,000 IT professionals worldwide.

Here are some of the survey’s other findings:

> Fully two-thirds of IT decision-makers (66%) say their staffs have skills gaps. While that represents a serious challenge, it’s down from 76% a year ago.

> Certified staff add value to the organization. That was agreed to by nearly all (97%) of the respondents.

> Training delivers several benefits, including improved work quality (cited by 56% of respondents), increased engagement with work (41%) and faster job performance (36%).

Phone home—and everywhere else, too

Another new survey finds that 90% of business leaders prefer the phone over other communications tools.

This survey was conducted by RingSoft, a provider of enterprise cloud communications. The company hasn’t said how many people were surveyed, but selected respondents are responsible for their organizations’ communications tech, while others are managers or above.

> Just over half the respondents (52%) say the phone is still their primary communication tool.

> Respondents use their phones for internal calls (74%), internal meetings (59%), external client calls (89%), external client meetings (61%), and both outbound and inboard customer calls (64% and 52%, respectively).

> Nearly all the respondents (95%) use SMS texting in some capacity.



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