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Here’s a quick roundup of some of what leading tech companies are doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic. All information is current as of this morning, and highly subject to change.


Intel is now recommending that all its employees work from home, if their roles allow. Hourly workers will continue to be paid in full for at least the next 2 months.

The company says it will reimburse employees for up to 15 days of care services for those who need backup childcare or elder care.

Intel is also increasing the cleaning of company facilities.

Intel and Lenovo have teamed up with BGI Genomics of Beijing to analyze the genetic characteristics of COVID-19.


The company has instituted a global work-from-home policy for all employees capable of doing so. It’s also limiting travel for all employees.

Dell has donated 2 million yuan (approx. $284K) to China for surgical masks, protective clothing and eye protections for hospitals. The company is also in the process of donating IT infrastructure worth 6 million yuan (approx. $853K) to the Hubei (China) Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Dell has also set aside $3 million in funds and in-kind tech to help meet needs of its communities. And it’s providing notebook PCs, headphones, monitors and software to employees now working at home.

Dell Technologies World 2020, a conference originally set for May 4-7 in Las Vegas, will now be a virtual-only event. All registrants will be automatically registered for the online experience at no additional charge.


To protect its employees, customers and partners, HP has increased the cleaning of its facilities.

The company is limiting travel and implementing work-from-home policies for employees.

HP events and meetings are being canceled in favor of virtual options.

The company is leveraging its global supply chain to ensure deliveries of products and services.

HP has also published a helpful guide to cleaning business PC and print devices (PDF).


Apple has donated $15 million worldwide to the global COVID-19 response. The company is also providing a 2-for-1 match for employee donations.

All Apple retail stores in China have reopened. But all Apple retail stores outside China are now closed until at least March 27.

The company is providing flexible work arrangements for all employees outside China. It says employees should work remotely, if their jobs allow.

Apple is also expanding its medical-leave policies to include people caring for family members, mandatory quarantine and childcare challenges due to school closings.

Live events

E3 2020: The Entertainment Software Association’s convention, originally set for June 9–11 in Los Angeles, has been canceled.

SAP Ariba Live 2020: Will be conducted as an online-only event on March 18.

GTC 2020: Nvidia has made this an online-only event, to be held March 22–26.


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