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Were your customers among those who took advantage of the tech sales during the just-passed holiday season? If so, they were far from alone.

Overall digital spending during the 2019 holiday season increased 8% over the previous year, hitting $723 billion worldwide, according to a new report from Salesforce.

The enterprise-software supplier compiled its data for the period of Nov. 1 to Dec. 31. Salesforce based its report on the activities of hundreds of millions of shoppers in 30+ countries powered by its Commerce Cloud, billions of engagements powered by its Marketing Cloud, and millions of customer-service cases viewed in its Service Cloud.

So while the data has a distinctly Saleforce-centered slant, those numbers are large enough that they should be useful to others too. Indeed, Salesforce says the point of its 2019 Holiday Shopping Report is to help online retailers get ready for this year’s holiday shopping season.

Cybershopping trends

Here are key findings from the new Salesforce report:

> Many shoppers filled their baskets in the week leading up to Cyber Week (Dec. 2 - 8), but then waited until CyberWeek to actually place their orders. That helped to push CyberWeek revenue up by 15%, hitting $143 billion worldwide.

> Thanksgiving Day was a big one for online shopping. Sales that day hit $20 billion worldwide, up 24% over the previous year.

> But in the week before Christmas Day, digital sales actually fell 27% from a year ago. Salesforce says this was likely due to shoppers buying earlier in the year.

> Phones are the new shopping medium. Up to 80% of all digital traffic and 65% of digital orders over the holidays came through mobile devices.

> AI-powered search and product recommendations drove additional revenue too, accounting for 10% of digital orders and 5% of digital revenue.

> “Click and collect” proved helpful for last-minute shoppers who missed their online retailers’ shipping cutoffs. Over half (56%) of active shoppers used this option during the 2019 holiday shopping season. During the 5 days before Christmas, this helped brick-and-mortar retailers capture 18% more share of revenue than they had last year

Learn more: view the Salesforce 2019 holiday insights report

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