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Friday fun facts: AI backpack, Zoom-free, crypto scams

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by Peter Krass on 03/26/2021
Blog Category: advanced-technologies

Congratulations, you’ve made it to Friday. Here are some fun facts to help you and other tech providers wrap up the work week and get ready for the weekend.

AI backpack for the blind

An Intel developer has created an AI-powered backpack designed to help the visually impaired walk around safely.

The developer, Jagadesh Mahendran, says the backpack can detect traffic signs, hanging obstacles, moving objects, even changing elevations. Learn more.

Citi: Zoom-free Fridays

Who says bankers are uptight? Citibank CEO Jan Fraser this week launched Zoom-Free Fridays. She says they're aimed at giving Citi employees a break from Zoom fatigue.

Okay, Citi is a bit uptight. The bank also said that Friday calls with clients and regulators may still be done on Zoom. The new easing applies only to internal calls. But still. Check out the memo.

Cryptocurrency scams

Bad news for cryptocurrency fans: Fraud-prevention company Bolster finds that the number of cryptocurrency-related scams nearly doubled last year.

This year, Bolster expects, suspicious activity around cryptocurrency will increase by an estimated 75%. Read more…


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