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If you're finding it difficult to hire IT talent, here's some consolation: Technology professionals, especially those in hot specialties, are harder to find than they’ve been in over a decade.

Unemployment among IT pros in the United States fell last month to a 13-year low of 1.3%, according to tech trade group CompTIA. The last time unemployment among U.S. IT pros was this low was back in January 2000.

“The demand for tech talent,” says Tim Herbert, CompTIA’s head of research and market intelligence, “has reached historic levels.”

The jobs numbers are based on the latest employment report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That government agency says the nation’s overall unemployment rate in May was 3.6%, or more than twice that of IT pros.

Hot areas

As a result of such low unemployment among tech pros, skilled job candidates are becoming scarce. They’re hard to find and expensive to hire. That’s especially the case in hot areas, such as the Internet of Things, robotics and AI.

That’s not to say hiring has stopped. Far from it. Tech companies alone hired an estimated 5,800 people in May. And overall, U.S. companies added some 133,000 IT jobs during the same month.

The tech area with the largest number of job openings in May was software and application development. That sector had 89,900 job postings across the U.S. in May.

Other sought-after positions include user-support specialist (25,000 openings in May), systems engineers and architects (22,100), systems analyst (20,100), and IT project manager (17,600), the BLS says.

How about you? Are you finding it hard to hire the tech talent you need? These new numbers may not help. But at least now you know, you’re far from alone.


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