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Two-thirds of respondents to a recent Gartner survey say they plan to deploy 5G technology by 2020. That’s just a little more than year off. By then, will communications service providers (CSPs) have their 5G networks ready to meet those plans?

Research and advisory firm Gartner conducted the survey this past summer, and released the results this week. In all, the survey received 185 responses. Because the respondents are all Gartner clients, their sentiments may not accurately represent those of the larger world.

However, their enthusiasm is exciting. Fully 66% of respondents to the Gartner survey said they plan to deploy 5G by 2020. Nearly as many (59%) said their planned use of 5G involves the Internet of Things. And slightly more than half (53%) said they also plan to use 5G for video.

Unready providers?

However, Gartner is predicting a gap between what users want from 5G and what CSPs will actually provide first.

“One major issue that 5G users face is the lack of readiness of communications service providers,” says Sylvain Fabre, a Gartner researcher. “Their 5G networks are not available or capable enough for the needs of organizations.”

Most CSPs won’t have complete end-to-end 5G infrastructure on their public networks until 2025 to 2030, Gartner predicts. Plus, these providers will focus first on consumer applications, not edge computing and core slicing.

That’s not good for either business users or the CSPs themselves. Gartner expects that fully half of all CSPs that have completed 5G deployments by 2022 will fail to monetize their back-end tech infrastructure investments.

A better options for your clients? That could be private networks offered by not only CSPs, but also infrastructure vendors.

Of course, that’s assuming your clients know what 5G is.

A recent survey conducted by Intel and Ovum found that three in four Americans would be willing to pay more for 5G. But nearly 6 in 10 also admit to either not being knowledgeable about 5G, or not even having heard of it.


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