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If you and your customers are still trying to get your heads around the concept of digital transformation, you’d better hurry up.

A new “post-digital” era is upon us, according to professional-services provider Accenture.

The company’s just-published Technology Vision 2019 report argues that in this new era, digital technology, though still powerful, will no longer be a “differentiating advantage.”

Don’t get Accenture wrong — digital is still important. After all, it empowers companies to understand their customers with “new depth of granularity,” gives them new channels, and helps them expand their partner ecosystems.

But the world is moving on. Accenture recently surveyed more than 6,600 C-level business and IT execs at companies with at least $6 billion in annual revenue. While those companies are large, the same trends are bound to affect your SMB customers.

And nearly 8 in 10 (79%) of the execs Accenture surveyed agree that digital tech has moved beyond adoption silos and is now part of the core tech foundation.

“A post-digital world doesn’t mean that digital is over,” says Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s chief technology & innovation officer. “On the contrary, we’re posing a new question: As all organizations develop their digital competency, what will set you apart?”

5 for the future

To help companies answer that question, Accenture has identified what it believes are 5 emerging tech trends:

> DARQ: That’s Accenture’s abbreviation for distributed ledgers, AI, extended reality and quantum computing. In the survey, a large majority (89%) of respondents said they’re already experimenting with 1 or more of these technologies.

> Get to Know Me: New personalization technologies, what Accenture collectively calls “digital demographics,” are empowering companies to identify new market opportunities and meet changing customer needs. In its survey, more than 80% of respondents said digital demographics could help their companies.

> Human+ Worker: That plus-sign indicates the way individual employees are now gaining additional capabilities with technology. In Accenture’s survey, nearly three-quarters (71%) of execs said their employees are more digitally mature than their companies. In other words, their companies need to catch up, developing new ways of working digitally.

> Secure Us to Secure Me: Security is a weak link at many organizations. That’s unfortunate, because with companies developing massive partner ecosystems, security is now more important than ever. Companies have a lot of work to do. In Accenture’s survey, only about a quarter (29%) of respondents said their ecosystem is compliant, resilient and secure.

> MyMarkets: Technology is enabling new kinds of on-demand businesses. This represents another business area where companies need to catch up, Accenture says. A large majority (85%) of execs in its survey said on-demand is the next big wave of competitive change.

Are you and your customers ready for a post-digital world? If not, you now have your marching orders.


Learn more: Download Accenture’s full Technology Vision 2019 report (PDF, 96 pp.)


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