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6 top enterprise IT predictions for the coming new year

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by Peter Krass on 12/12/2016
Blog Category: advanced-technologies

Enterprise clients can be a fickle bunch. What’s coming next year?

Consultants at CSC, the big IT services and solutions company, think they know. They’ve just issued their predictions for the top 6 enterprise IT trends that will shape global business in 2017. 

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Here’s your solution provider’s summary:

> The Enterprise, Reconfigured: CIOs and their business-side colleagues need to rethink and reinvent models and processes for agility, CSC says. The keys will include tools and technologies that help organizations deploy rapidly and improve constantly.

> Intelligent Machines: Artificial intelligence is getting smarter. CSC predicts we’ll see cloud-based machine learning on AI platforms. “The deeper the data ecosystems,” CSC says, “the less sense it will make to transport the data back into the enterprise.”

> IoT: The Internet of Things is maturing, and that means productivity should explode, much as it did when PCs were new. Two technologies will be keys to IoT’s development: smart sensors and 5G networks. Assuming both are widely implemented, CSC says, “a new renaissance of learning will take shape.”

> The Sinosphere: Say what? That’s CSC’s term for the East Asian cultural sphere that has historically been influenced by China. It includes Vietnam, Japan and South Korea. These countries are developing the Digital Silk Road, a high-tech center of innovation that could soon rival Silicon Valley here in the USA. “All eyes are on the East,” CSC maintains, “where new ideas are formulating, and technological advances are being developed by a large, unique and educated culture.”

> Cloud: Large organizations are implementing an 80/20 plan, CSC says, one that will put 80 percent of their workloads in the public cloud by 2020. At the same time, a new form of hybrid cloud is emerging, and it will help companies comply with regulations and security rules. Also coming: a new class of middleware that will help organizations create platforms that are closer to real time.

> VR/AR: Virtual and augmented reality will power the next wave of digital interfaces, CSC predicts. For example, AR will run behind IoT devices, guiding employees and consumers to interact with their environments in new and more productive ways.

What do you think of CSC’s predictions for enterprise IT in 2017? We welcome your comments below.


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