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5 top takeaways from Intel’s latest IDM 2.0 moves

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by Peter Krass on 01/21/2022
Blog Category: advanced-technologies

Intel today announced bold new moves in its IDM 2.0 strategy.

The IDM 2.0 strategy, announced by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger last March, calls for Intel to become a major provider of foundry services for other companies in the United States and Europe.

As part of that strategy, Intel made 5 big moves today:

1. Intel CEO Gelsinger appeared side-by-side with President Biden this morning at a White House press conference, “A Future Made in America.” Gelsinger said this was “a historic day for Intel — and the global semiconductor industry.” (Watch the press conference video replay.)

Pat Gelsinger speaking at White House press conference, Jan. 21, 2022

2. Gelsinger announced Intel’s plan to invest more than $20 billion to build 2 new semiconductor factories on a “mega-fab” site in Licking County, Ohio, outside the city of Columbus. Initially, the project will create 3,000 full-time Intel jobs and 7,000 construction jobs, he said.

3. To support the project, Intel will commit an additional $100 million to form partnerships with local colleges and universities to train new talent and bolster research.

4. At 1,000 acres, the Ohio site is big enough for 6 more fabs, which would bring the total to 8 fabs. Assuming Intel builds these additional manufacturing plants, the company says its total investment in the Ohio site could reach $100 billion over the next 10 years.

5. Intel has persuaded 4 companies to support the new Ohio chip fabs by establishing a presence in the region: Air Products, Applied Materials, LAM Research and Ultra Clean. More companies are expected to join these 4 in the future.


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