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Diversity and inclusion
Video: Diversity & inclusion make a difference

Having a diverse workforce isn’t just a good idea — it’s also good business. A study by consultants McKinsey & Co. found that companies with culturally and ethnically diverse management teams...

Metaverse survey
Research roundup: Cyber worries, metaverse readiness, remote work recognition, hybrid-cloud skills

Cybersecurity is up. Execs are ready for the metaverse. Remote workers may be missing out. And hybrid-cloud skills are scarce. That’s some of the latest in IT research. And here’s your tech provider’...

Horizon Workrooms virtual meeting
Metaverse meeting tech: Come together, virtually

Metaverse technology may be new, but it’s surprisingly easy to find a metaverse meeting space. A growing number of suppliers are eager to invite your hybrid workforce into the infinite space of Web3...

Information literacy survey chart
Information literacy: global survey reveals serious gaps

How bad is the problem of fake news and misinformation online? Pretty bad, finds a recent report based on a survey of nearly 8,600 people worldwide. Among the survey respondents, more than 6 in 10...

Metaverse workers
Metaverse: Tap into this emerging market’s 7 building blocks

The metaverse promises to be technology’s next big thing. How big? Well, researchers at Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions believe that by 2030, the metaverse could present a commercial...

Check out HP’s report on the latest security threats

Did you know that nearly 15% of email-borne malware bypasses an email gateway scanner? That malware isolated inside archives recently rose by 11%? Or that email remains the top threat vector,...

Black Hat USA 2022
Join Intel at the Black Hat USA cybersec conference

Mention a conference for hackers, and Intel may not be the first company that comes to mind. Yet Intel will have a pretty robust showing at this year’s Black Hat USA, a hybrid event being held August...