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Intel Partner University
Intel Partner University, your trusted training resource, just got even better

Keeping up with our fast-changing technology is more than just a nice idea. For tech providers, it’s essential. That’s why training is so important. With that in mind, Intel Partner University, the...

Tech Explainer: How does ransomware do its dirty work?

Ransomware creates a nasty web that can infiltrate nearly any computer, mobile device or network. When ransomware takes hold, the ensuing turmoil can bring even the biggest, wealthiest organization...

RingCentral phone survey chart
Research roundup: CTOs, CIOs, job hopping and phones

CTOs are taking on cybersecurity. CIOs are looking at weak budget increases. IT pros are hopping jobs. And phones are the favored communication device of business managers. That’s some of the latest...

Diversity and inclusion
Video: Diversity & inclusion make a difference

Having a diverse workforce isn’t just a good idea — it’s also good business. A study by consultants McKinsey & Co. found that companies with culturally and ethnically diverse management teams...

Metaverse survey
Research roundup: Cyber worries, metaverse readiness, remote work recognition, hybrid-cloud skills

Cybersecurity is up. Execs are ready for the metaverse. Remote workers may be missing out. And hybrid-cloud skills are scarce. That’s some of the latest in IT research. And here’s your tech provider’...

Horizon Workrooms virtual meeting
Metaverse meeting tech: Come together, virtually

Metaverse technology may be new, but it’s surprisingly easy to find a metaverse meeting space. A growing number of suppliers are eager to invite your hybrid workforce into the infinite space of Web3...

Information literacy survey chart
Information literacy: global survey reveals serious gaps

How bad is the problem of fake news and misinformation online? Pretty bad, finds a recent report based on a survey of nearly 8,600 people worldwide. Among the survey respondents, more than 6 in 10...