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Bitcoin Billionaires book jacket
It’s not too late to read these 7 cool tech books of 2020

Goodbye, 2020. Hello, holiday reading. Spending this week on staycation? Fill out the time with any or all of these 7 technology books, all published during the last 12 months. Bitcoin Billionaires:...

Zoom call
When does tech go back to normal? Maybe it doesn’t

The pandemic has transformed the way people work, learn and play, and it’s also transformed the tech industry. But once we have an effective vaccine, won’t things go back to normal — meaning, the way...

IBM digital transformation survey
Research roundup: digital transformation, WFH, holiday shopping, AI

The pandemic is having a big impact on technology usage. Digital transformation projects are accelerating. Home workers are struggling with tech issues. Consumers plan on doing their holiday shopping...

Retail tech
Focus on retail: Creating a new customer experience

When is retail going back to the way it used to be? It’s not. The changes brought about by the pandemic, including consumer behavior, are here to stay. That also includes technology. According to a...

WakeCap AR app for construction
3 areas where augmented reality is getting real

Augmented reality (AR) has grown up and gotten a real job. No longer just the domain of Pokéman hunters, AR is now a bona fide enterprise tool with revenue to capture and room to grow. Is now the...

Intel Neural Compute Stick 2
Develop computer vision & AI prototypes with Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

Q: What’s under 3 inches long … plugs like a thumb drive into the USB port of a Windows 10, Ubuntu/CentOS Linux or MacOS computer … includes the OpenVINO toolkit … makes it easy to develop computer-...

Smart-home device users
Research roundup: cloud robotics, smart-home devices, how we work now

Mobile robots are coming, and they’ll need the cloud. Smart-home device shipments are poised for growth. And 7 in 10 people are now working from home full-time. That’s some of the latest research and...